Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court is set to release it's decision on what has become  known as Obama care this Thursday at around 10am EST, what ever the ruling is there is sure to be  enormous amounts of emotion, pain and contempt. This has been seen as a landmark legislation for the president by some and an absolute invasion of personal freedom by others with respect to the individual mandate requiring everyone purchase health insurance. For my 2 cents I believe that SCOTUS will strike down the individual mandate section of the law as it should if for no other reason that if you can be forced to purchase the product of health insurance today the what will be next? This amounts to Government acting as your parent and you being a minor and you are not. You and you alone should be able to make such a decision and not a government body as to what you buy, A very clear line needs to be drawn here and I hope that it is but as a society that seems to more and more crave the hand of big government to take care of them I fear we are on a very slippery slope, Time will tell.

In closing I have a question, What do you think the ruling will be come 10AM tomorrow, Constitutional or not Constitutional?

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Mountain Prepper said...

Looks like we got screwed again.

Freedom of speech (PATRIOT Act) - gone!

Habeas corpus - gone!

Right to property (imminent domain) - gone!

Speed trial with representation - gone!

Right to choose (Forced “mandate”) - now gone!

Great - keep stacking high and deep, lead, brass, and copper the most valuable of metals!

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

I'm not surprised. It seems the country just keeps heading in the wrong direction and every decision seems to emphasize that fact.

Jhess said...

What a difference a week makes, not only did the Supreme court up hold "Obamacare" but of all people to be the deciding vote Chief justice Roberts. lol Republicans are beside themselves right now. I wrote a popular post on my blog on this topic also check it out tell me what you think. I return all follows and comments.

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