Interesting Times

May we live in Interesting times
Chinese Proverb

We here in America are a very diverse lot and that brings out some of the best of a society but it also brings out our divisiveness too. All one needs to do to see this right now is look at the health care conundrum.  People are both happy and also very upset to the point that there are lawsuits flying and the ink is not even dry so to speak. Very few Americans in this country will disagree  that some changes in health care need to be made, well something always needs changing right? Changing is what this country does, we seem to go from one extreme to the other and we are right now in a " what can I get from the other guy or Government" stage, I think they call that Socialism. Either way it is un-sustainable as all we need to do is look to Europe to see our future. Europe keeps their  program going by having a constant influx of new immigrants to pay for their system, that changes your culture and it changes how you do business. With global travel being what it is and people wanting to move around as much as they do you will have varied diversity, opinions, culture and many other mannerisms that fit in well in that persons home country but won't fit in very well elsewhere and there in lies the problem. We all know that religion and culturism draws the biggest amount of problems with re-guards to integration and often it can turn to violence, many wars and civil unrest have been started in that way.  Ted the uni-bomber while wrong in his application of violence was right in that technology will both help and hurt us, there was a time when geographical travel limits would keep us separated and in out own lands, somewhat culturally isolated. As the ability became available we started to move around and mingle so to speak. What was acceptable for one was not for the other to the point of killing each other over it and to this day we still do it. Person to person, people to people and government to government, we now have the ability to do so from long range and unseen, we can shape the world and never be seen face to face. America stands on dangerous ground with enemies on the inside and also those on the outside waiting for a perfect opportunity to create havoc and most people in this country have no idea or flat out don't care, at least until it comes into their immediate sphere of being, at that point is it too late? People had better wake up and smell the coffee and if you do then please pass reality on and be prepared  because I think we are in for an ugly time....

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